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Each course has just one unit so they are quick to study and do. Study your free course at home in your own time. You can complete the assessment if you wish or you can just read the course and learn without being assessed.

​Select a course from the list and click on the Word document tab to enrol. In the form tell us which course you want to receive and it will be sent by email. Please allow 3 working days to receive the course.​ Send the enrolment form to:

If you just study the course without doing the assessment you can receive a certificate of enrolment for a small fee of £5.00.

If you do the assessment and pass it, you can receive a certificate of achievement for a fee of £10.00.


Stress and Behaviour Introduction

The Zoo Animal Welfare free course is designed for learners wishing to know how to go about improving the welfare of captive, zoo animals by being able to identify a number of factors that influence general welfare.

The course focuses on animal behaviour and leads on to stress which is a serious issue for captive animals. Stress and behaviour have a link because when an animal is under stress (normal or excessive), their behaviours will alter.

Polar bear

including Animal Assisted Therapy

The purpose of the Animal Assistants or Animal Assisted Therapy course is to give the learner an insight into becoming an assistance animal carer and working alongside both the human and non-human animal for mutual benefit. It is hoped that by the end of this short, introductory course the learner will appreciate that an assistance animal is not a “tool” to help humans but a partner in supporting human health and welfare issues.
Learners can use this course to progress to the full level 3 course, apply for work with assistance animals, undertake formal training to become an assistance animal carer and trainer.
The course refers mainly to animal assisted therapy but introduces other roles for the non-human animal in human welfare.

Girl with Horse


Bites, Stings, Poisoning and Road Accidents

The purpose of the Feline first course is to give the learner a basis for carrying out first aid for the feline safely and within the Law. It is hoped that by the end of this short introductory course, the learner will appreciate the actions they may take to alleviate pain and suffering and have knowledge of basic first aid actions. Learners can use this course to progress to the full level 3 course where the biology of the cat is explored to add a deeper understanding to why first aid actions are important and how they work in terms of physiology.


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